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Health Center

In a beautiful old home, you will be warmly welcomed and taken to our lounge. You will experience the hands of our professionnals who will make your visit a memorable one. When you'll leave, you will already have the desire to return.

Kids Massage

$55.00 30 minutes

Relaxation massage. Aims to provide a large muscle relaxation and thus promote an increased range of motion.

Pregnant Women Massage

$75.00 60 minutes

Massorelaxation sequence which is practiced in recovery position and helps relieve Psycho corporal tensions from a normal pregnancy.

Muscle Therapy (Sports) Massage

$75.00 60 minutes

Prevents pain and injury; combines the classic techniques of a Swedish massage with compressions, frictions and joint mobilization. Eases your pain.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

$120.00 90 minutes

For muscle and joint pain, stimulates the blood circulation, lymphatic and strengthens the immune system, eliminates toxins and water retention; great for cellulite, gentle and effective massage.

Hot Stones Massage

$120.00 90 minutes

Anti-stress; volcanic stones placed on tension points along the meridian of the body, these stones are also used as massage tools. Rebalances the flow of the body's energy, targets certain points of tension on the body and relieves the latter.

Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Massage

$120.00 90 minutes

A real journey on the massage table. Let yourself flow into a series of movements made specifically with the forearm of our massage therapists for a 90 minutes duration. You'll forget where you are and will almost hear the ocean.

Side by Side Massage

$150.00 ~ 60 minutes
$210.00 ~ 90 min

2 relaxing massages close to each other for increased intimacy.

Relaxation Massage

$75.00 ~ 60 min
$105.00 ~ 90 min

The basis of all massages: combines firmness and softness, as required. Works on both the muscle attachments on the tendons and muscles. Aims to provide a large muscle relaxation and thus promote an increased range of motion.